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Favorite course

We do not have figures on how many car and motorcycle drivers define Arctic Circle Raceway as their favorite track.

ACR is a joy that welcomes you like the carousels at the amusement park did when you were a child. It vibrates in your body when you are ready at the exit, and the first round of ACR always ends with a fat grin. But after a few laps, the playful layout makes stricter demands and gives you challenges that you as a driver can struggle with for many years. 

ACR is a very demanding course to become good at. There is always something to improve, the entrance, the exit and the speed through the curves, the combinations. Every single one of the 3750 meters puts you to the test, round after round, year after year .... Are you ready?


Here you will find links to the special rule / additional rules

and for registration

Local clubs

If you live close to ACR and want to try yourself as a practitioner, you must get in touch

Environmental requirements

At the arena, we set increasingly stringent environmental requirements that you as a driver are obliged to follow.


Your safety is also someone else's. Fire safety and speed limits must be observed.


There are many options,

from camping in the parking depot

for luxury in suburban hotels.

Environmental requirements

Our Environmental Requirements for you

The requirements are strict

Arctic Circle Raceway is sandwiched between Saltfjellet and Svartisen National Parks in the north and Tiurhaugen nature reserve in the south. The river, which flows partly through the coarse rock fills under the course, ends after 3 km in the salmon-carrying Ranelva. Domestic reindeer, elk and other game roam the arena, and in the arena's immediate area there are many hares. Birds of prey hunt around the arena daily. In respect for our beautiful and valuable surroundings, we therefore set strict environmental requirements.

  1. ACR's environmental standard applies to everyone, both drivers and organizers.

  2. Pursuant to the Pollution Control Act, no one, neither companies nor private individuals, shall carry out actions or activities that may cause pollution for which no specific permission has been granted in law or regulations.

  3. Violation of ACR's environmental standard may result in driving refusal or expulsion from the arena. Organizers can be awarded an environmental fee. Pollution of the ground, drainage system or source of drinking water can lead to claims for compensation against both the organizer and the individual performer.

  4. All hazardous waste such as waste oil, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, batteries, cleaning fluid and more must be placed in sealed containers in ACR's environmental container in the parking depot.

  5. Used motorcycle and car tires must be brought out of the arena and returned to the dealer. Some events may have a tire sale and return agreement. In that case, this will be mentioned in additional rules / special regulations or stated at a driver's meeting.

  6. Ordinary residual waste must be placed in the waste container in the parking depot.



As a driver, you are responsible for both your own and others' safety

ACR's course is regularly inspected by the international motorsport federations FIM and FIA, usually via the Norwegian federations. These approvals and track licenses tell which races the national federations can allow on the track. Your safety that leads during races is thus taken care of in accordance with the international and national federations' regulations and safety requirements.

If you drive a registered vehicle, your safety is taken care of by the regulations laid down by the course owner and any event partner.

ACR's track crews are trained and certified for the tasks assigned to them. The safety of the track crews is ensured by training and the track owner's safety measures, but the most important thing is the drivers' respect for the task the crews perform. If you as a driver perform actions that endanger our track crews, it could lead to driving refusal and expulsion from the arena.

Maximum speed in fixed lanes is 60 km / h. In the parking depot, the maximum speed is 20 km / h.

It is not allowed to drive on the track without unequivocal permission. Apart from training, races or events, the maximum speed on the track is 80 km / h

Sanitation / First aid

At all races that follow the regulations of the two motorsport associations, an ambulance will be stationed at the arena. The same applies to all road racing training and debutant courses. The need for an ambulance and first aid personnel is determined before any event.

Helgeland Hospital's ward in Mo i Rana is an emergency hospital, a 15 - minute drive away.

Fire extinguisher

Fire is very critical in a motorsport arena. Fuel, propane and welding gas are stored in many of the pit boxes and in the parking depot. Therefore, all participants must bring at least one 6 kilo fire extinguisher as a contingency in their own tent or stand.

Fire extinguishers hang between every other door in the pit boxes. These are an important part of the plant's fire preparedness, and should only be used in an emergency.

Grilling is allowed in the parking depot, but not without the place being secured with a fire extinguisher.

Parking depot
It is crucial for everyone's safety that the traffic routes inside the depot are kept open for emergency vehicles, including larger fire trucks.

For the sake of the overall safety of drivers in racing and road racing, ACR is restrictive in allowing drifting and burning on the track. You can read more about the reason here .


We recommend the following accommodations


ACR collaborates with several hotels in Mo i Rana, of which we are our primary partner. Our partner hotels Clarion Hotell Helma and are recommended options. The E6 runs right through Mo i Rana, and in summer the hotels can occasionally have large occupancy. Therefore book accommodation well in advance.

Togvogn frokostsal.jpg

Our other partner hotel is the popular and close to the city center Hotel Ole Tobias, named after the father of Nordlandsbanen, Ole Tobias Olsen, who was from Mo i Rana. Parts of the interior are taken from older historic railway carriages, and the breakfast room is therefore a smiling start to the day. It is located close to restaurants and shops in the city centre. A pleasant 30-room hotel with countless regular guests who always choose Ole Tobias when they visit Mo i Rana.


Please note that Mo i Rana is close to the E6, and during the summer the hotels can sometimes be very busy. Therefore, book accommodation well in advance.

The track depot

Another pleasant option for enthusiasts is to camp in the track depot with like-minded people. For larger events, there can be both evening entertainment and food service. This will always be stated in the event's invitation to drivers/participants.

Over the years, we have experienced that some, often families with children, want to withdraw from the arena in the evening, but want a more affordable alternative to hotel accommodation. Then we can recommend our many campsites that are both close to the high mountains and by the fjord. Everything for every taste. Check the link below.

Other local hotels, campsites and hospices

Tour planner

Let the journey to ACR and Mo i Rana become part of the goal. Enjoy the countryside, not least the insanely beautiful coastal strip on Helgeland.

Visit Trøndelag - Visit Helgeland -Visit Northern Norway

Local clubs

Local clubs

Motorsport has long traditions in Mo i Rana

There are two motorsport clubs in Mo i Rana that have their activities related to ACR's arena: Arctic Circle Motorsportsklubb and NMK Rana.

In practice, NMK Rana deals with branches related to the Norwegian Motorsport Association and ACM handles road racing.

Together with ACR and other partners, these clubs are responsible for most of the competition-related motorsport in the arena, ie what is defined as training, qualification and running. It is also through these two clubs that athletes redeem their driver's license. ACM has members from all over the country, and is one of the country's largest road racing clubs measured in the number of athletes, while NMK Rana's offer is more locally oriented.

Every Tuesday between 16.00 and 20.00 the clubs have their club nights. Contact the clubs if you are interested in participating.

Check the two clubs' websites for further information.

The background video was filmed by Elizabeth Kobberød, Bikeport season 2019

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