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Do you want to be part of the team?

Now new crews are being recruited, and we need many!

The most valuable thing about being a member of ACR's team should be well-being, getting to know new people, learning something new, and being able to help make others happy. You share the role with tens of thousands of other crews all over the world, and when you feel confident in the task, you and others can sign up as a "volunteer" on many other racing tracks, both at home and abroad.

These are some of the tasks at ACR:

Track crew

When you are a track crew, you are close to where it happens, but the task can be demanding, both physically and mentally. Courses and training in various regulations are a requirement, and if you are skilled and have sailing time, new tasks await.

Arena operation

During an event, everything can fail! We know this from experience. Therefore, the arena must have crews who continuously ensure that equipment is used as intended, congestion and accidents are avoided, and who are dexterous enough to install repairs or alternative solutions.

Well-being host

Some visit ACR once to compete, others return year after year. Regardless, it is important that they leave the arena with memories of efficiency, good service, cheerful crews, good food and well-kept premises. For all this, skilled and hard-working well-being hosts are needed.


ACR's arena is also the region's largest motorhome camp. Fire safety and security at night are an important part of the arena's safety measures. The arena also has a lot of firefighting equipment that requires inspection, registration of use and disposal. an important task!


Media is important for all events, whether it is newspapers, TV or social media. The information staff must know the arena well, have knowledge of the event and its key people, and know how to handle information.


Sale of so-called merchandise, ie

T-shirts, caps, jackets and more are an important souvenir offer for participants and the public. Being part of ACR's sales team is a fun task, and is well suited for good shopkeepers.

Public service

The audience is not only important for an event's income, but they are also the event's valuable ambassadors in retrospect. The crews are ACR's first line aimed at the audience, and enormously important for the audience's experience of an event

First aid

The arena's emergency room and first aid team are a very important business, and need skilled people with relevant health professional backgrounds. This applies to doctors, nurses and health professionals.

These three videos are a tribute to all the volunteers that international motorsport is so dependent on. If you are curious and interested in being a member of our team, on or off the field, then register on this form . You will then be sent a questionnaire where you can fill in information about your background and your wishes.

We want contact with both juniors and seniors, and have a conscious goal of trying to include everyone no matter what background you have. All we require is that you have reached the age of 16 before the start of the season and that you are able to work in teams and are willing to participate in training. You should also be willing to take part in arranging both bike rides, car and motorcycle races and preferably a ski race or marathon.

The background picture shows some of the volunteers during the road racing race Arctic Championship, corona summer 2020.

The event was also a celebration of ACR's 25th anniversary.
Photo: Øystein Bentzen

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