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Antivirus is two lively track days for sports cars and cars with extra performance. The cars must be registered. The test mark is not accepted.

The drivers are divided into three different classes: Beginner, inexperienced and experienced. All driving is done with instruction, and the days begin with getting to know the track, track selection and safe driving. This is NOT racing and drifting is not allowed. Overtaking shall take place according to the gentleman's principle. Plate contact and body damage must be avoided!


They open for registration on March 1. An upper limit of 75 cars is set, no classes more than 30 cars.

Antivirus 2021

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th June

The Arctic motorsport season begins with pure joy that better times are ahead, that the vaccine works and that the temperature is rising.

It allowed to be optimistic!


Test mark does not allow entry for driving! All participating cars must be registered, liability insured and EU approved.


If your insurance is valid on track driving, you are obliged to check with your insurance company yourself. Some of the insurance companies do not allow track driving, others have partial restrictions.


Included in the price for Antivirus is a one-time license issued by the Norwegian Motorsport Association. Therefore, all registration must be done in advance. Drop in is not accepted.

T echnical control

All cars must undergo a technical inspection, and cars with oil leaks or other obvious weaknesses do not get out on the track. Make sure you take care of it!


Driving in three classes

The driving on the track takes place in pools, one by one class. We start with the experienced for 20 minutes, before we send out those who have ridden the track before, but feel a little inexperienced,


The last group out are beginners, and the first session takes place with a guide car and instructor. The guide car runs ideal tracks (see video) and instructs along the way via the walkie-talkie app Zello . Make sure you have the app installed on your phone. Remember earplug for use in a helmet. After driving, it is mandatory 40 minutes review with the instructors before the next driving session.


We put safety in the front seat and in the beginner class it is only allowed to drive past on straight stretches. Active use of mirrors is a matter of course, and those who are caught are obliged to allow for overtaking. Nevertheless, the person making the overtaking is responsible for ensuring that it is carried out in a safe manner.


Think security! We emphasize that this is not racing, but an offer of driver development in a safe way.

Extra driver
Each online registration involves one car and one driver. It is possible to register an extra driver for a registered car. Extra driver can buy registration and one-time license both online and at the arena, but has a duty to attend a driver meeting.



They have the opportunity to have front passenger passages in all registered cars. Passengers must wear the same clothing as the driver. Passengers can follow from the year they turn 15. Passenger license can be purchased both online and at the arena.



ACR does not rent helmets and driving suits. Remember that passengers must wear the same clothing as the driver.


In the beginner class, only a certificate, helmet and normal full-coverage clothing are required, but we recommend the use of a driving suit, gloves and good driving shoes as extra security. In the classes inexperienced and experienced, there is a requirement to use a complete outfit.

Registration from 1 March

Complete rules and daily program and prices will be published before registration opens on March 1.


It is emphasized that Antivirus is an event that will provide driving training with your own car under safe conditions. Participating cars must have a certain performance in order not to create "delays" and unnecessary overtaking. We reserve the right to cancel registration if we consider the car not to meet the target.


Drifting , burning or skidding on the course is not permitted. If the driving on the track deviates from what is expected, you will be black flagged to be denied driving.


We reserve the right to make changes to the daily schedule.

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